Yarn Storage Ideas

There are various yarn storage ideas for organizing clutters of yarns either at home or related workplace. Some popular ways of organizing this include the cardboard dividers, plastic storage tub, as well as some portable organizers.

Yarn Storage

Organizing yarn is a great way to make knitting more efficient. There are a variety of ways to accomplish these using shelves, boxes or open faced crates as well as some other yarn storage solutions. You can also use hanging shoe organizers or hanging sweater organizers to keep the yarn you use regularly close at hand.

Yarn Storage Solutions

Yarn organizers keep your yarn tangle-free, clean and free of dust. Many knitting and crocheting projects involve the use of multiple yarn colours, but it can be difficult to carry multiple skeins of yarn, while keeping them clean and avoiding tangles. Portable tote bag yarn organizers enable you to take your knitting or crocheting project on the road. Use a clear storage container to make a semi-portable yarn organizer, to transport your project around the house, and see the contents inside. A wall-mounted organizer keeps your crafting room neat and organized.

Yarn Storage Ideas

A removable cardboard divider transforms any tote bag or large purse into a yarn organizer. Cut two pieces of cardboard into 8-by-10-inch rectangles. Cut a 7-inch slit into the centre of one 10-inch side of each cardboard rectangle, and slide the slits together to create a cardboard “X.” Put the divider into a tote bag or purse, and place a skein of yarn into each of the four slots for a portable organizer. The size can be tailored to fit your bag. Use additional pieces of cardboard and cut additional slits to create more compartments.

Yarn Storage Ideas 1

You can also use strips of cardboard to divide a plastic storage tub into sections. Cut slits into the cardboard where the compartments intersect. If you’re using a deep storage tub, organize the yarn in layers, and divide each layer with a piece of cardboard. Use a clear tub so you can see the yarn, making it simple to locate the colour you want. This organizer is semi-portable, and keeps the yarn clean, dry and tangle-free.

Organizing Yarn

A portable yarn organizer enables you to take your crafts on the go. Make a portable yarn organizer by converting a tote bag or a large purse. Sew fabric “dividers” into the tote bag or purse lining, to create different compartments for the various skeins of yarn. Use one of the pockets to store your knitting project and needles. This is ideal for a striped knitted piece, which uses multiple yarn colours. The divider keeps the yarn clean and untangled.

Yarn Storage Ideas 2

Yarn Organization Ideas

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