Toy Storage Solutions Part 2

Toy Storage Ideas

Fabric boxes come in an array of colors that can fit into any decor. Some have a label holder on the end to help organize. Small toys fit into these storage containers nicely. Fabric totes with decals of dinosaurs and other creatures that include special net sides for holding small toys are perfect for toddlers. Hampers and Bongo Buddies make perfect toy-storage solutions that will keep curious minds interested in organization.

Toy Storage System

Organizers made with wood, metal or plastic frames and hold bins make organizing easy. The shelves and the bins come in a multitude of colors that will satisfy any child. Barbie, Cinderella, Spider-man, Batman and other themes are available. Organizers include a combination of small bins and large bins. Bookcases with bins, shallow tray organizers and other bin solutions will easily keep a room clutter-free.

Toy Storage Bins

Plastic containers are available everywhere, and they make a very inexpensive way to keep clutter contained. Sizes, shapes and color choices allow anyone who is creative to make some of the best toy-storage containers fun for the kids. Moreover, toy cart can also be used to store the toys of your children. It is an open cart in which all the toys can be kept. The advantage of this cart is that it can be taken around the house to collect all the scattered toys and then kept in a corner in the kid’s bedroom. Toy carts are good toy storage solutions especially if your kids do not have a fixed play area.

Toy Storage Furniture

Toy chest is another type of toy storage solution which is easily available in the market. It is a cupboard with shelves of different sizes and types. The shelves could be replaced with drawers. The selves have different sizes in order to accommodate different types of toys. The shelves/ drawers could be seeing through so that the kids can see which toys are in there without opening them.

Toy Storage Solution

Toy Storage Solutions

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