Scarf Storage Ideas

Scarf storage ideas can not only organize the scarves but also de-cluttering the limited space that you have in your closet. Some great examples of scarf storage solution include the scarf hangers, scarf rack, as well as the scarf hooks.

Scarf Storage Hanger

Having a collection of gorgeous scarves is indeed very nice but your closet/mirror area/bedroom is a mess! You’ve tried folding them, but you end up not being able to see them properly and make everything disorganized when trying to get to the scarf you want. The different materials, shapes, patterns and thickness make it even more difficult to figure out storage options. And you want to be able to see everything that you have when putting your creations together! Various storage solutions can be adopted for clearing the clutters.

Scarf Storage Ideas

Scarf Organizer

A bedroom closet can get quickly cluttered with fashion accessories such as scarves. The solution to avoiding scarves piled up on a shelf, on the floor or even tangled in a container or basket is a closet organizer scarf rack. These are handy gadgets that usually feature individual rings to thread a single scarf through and keep them separate. When you are getting dresses and looking for just the right wardrobe accessory to wear, you can easily search through a scar organizer and pull one out. No more digging through piles of tangled scarves! They are designed to be used for scarves but some may be used as belt racks, jewelry hangers or other accessories. They save time when dressing as well as are a space saving idea in any closets no matter the size. Some scarf organizers are actual hangers with separate circles cut into the hanger and it fits over a closet clothes rod. Others are decorative and may be wall mount units which may be fitted inside a bedroom closet to de-clutter an area or if decorative enough hung on a wall outside a closet. A few scarf organizers are designed to go over the back of a closet door.

Scarf Organizer Ideas

Scarves Storage Ideas

If you’ve using drawers to store your tichels, try folding them so they all face upwards. This way you can see everything that you have, don’t have to dig, and are less likely to have to refold. Use the extra space in front of your scarves to store headbands, caps, and hats. This type of storage is very easy install because most people already have drawer space. You can easily see everything that you have. It keeps scarves out of reach from babies, children, pets etc. However, your tichels are hidden away and can easily be forgotten when putting an outfit together. Wrinkles can happen if not folded well. Scarves of different sizes can be difficult to fold in an organized manner. Your drawer can easily become disorganized.

Ideas For Scarf Storage

Hooks that are installed into the wall or hung on the back of a door are a great option for storing tichels. Make sure you choose hooks that are spaced closely together, for optimal storage capacity. Make sure that the hooks are able to bear the weight of the scarves, and are high enough to let the tichels hang down.

Scarf Storage

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