Magazine Storage Ideas

Without a proper way of storing magazines can cause clutters especially for those who have a few magazines subscriptions. To organize the magazines properly, you may need to have some sort of organization system for their storage. Some examples of these storage systems include the file boxes, cabinets, fabric holders, hangers, as well as the storage baskets.

Magazine Holder

Magazines today are chock-full of great information that’s hard to part with. The problem is finding a way to store your magazines so you can easily reference them in the future. While there are many storage systems that can be purchased online and in retail chains, you can make your own simple, inexpensive and practical homemade magazine storage systems in just a few hours.

Magazine Holders

File boxes can be purchased at your local office supply store. These heavy-duty, lidded cardboard storage boxes are very durable and stackable, and they can help you organize your magazine collection, either in hanging file folders or between file separators. To add a designer touch to these plain-looking boxes, consider covering them with wrapping paper, wall paper or scrapbook paper, or with colorful fabric.

Magazine Organization Ideas

A very efficient way to store magazines is to cut a poster board in half and staple three of the four sides of the two pieces together. Doing this creates a large, durable and easy-to-store “folder” you can slip your magazines into. To further organize this system, create a folder for each subscription you have and paste a copy of a magazine cover on the front so you can easily locate what you’re looking for in the future.

Magazine Rack Ideas

Create eye-catching homemade magazine storage ideas by crafting simple fabric folders. Cover plain plastic document protection folders with cheerful fabric and replace the standard rubber tie with a decorative ribbon. You can even embroider the name of the magazine on the front of the fabric to help with organization.

Chances are, you have some magazines with impressive, colorful covers – so go ahead and use them as part of your decor. Using wide-band ribbon, make a “hanger” for your favorite magazines by running the ribbon along the center inside section of the magazine spine. Tie the loop in a bow and suspend the magazine on your wall from a decorative hook. You can loop several magazines with different lengths of ribbon around a single hook, or add multiple hooks for a larger display area.

Magazine Storage Ideas

Consider whether you really need to keep entire issues of magazines. Instead of taking up valuable storage space with pages of advertising, carefully cut out articles and recipes that interest you. Store these in traditional file folders, or insert each article into a plastic page protector and insert into a three-ring binder. Files, page protectors and binders are available at office supply stores and discount stores. Recycle any parts of the magazine you decide not to keep.

Magazine Storage

Baskets are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to store your magazines. Choose shallow, tray-like square or rectangular baskets to lay magazines flat. This style will slide easily into a bookcase much like a drawer. Round baskets, deeper baskets are good for standing magazines upright. If you don’t like the natural color of a basket, spray paint it with a color that matches your decor. Make sure the basket is dry before putting magazines in it.

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