Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Design Ideas For Small Spaces1

Small spaces maybe difficult to decorate or design but you can make use of your creativity to come out with some great living room ideas for small spaces. Some considerations to consider include lighting, seating, storage, spaces, as well as the color scheme.

Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces1

Whether you have an apartment or a small home, decorating a small living room can be a challenge. After all, it is your most public space, and where most of the living goes on in your home! This article will show you how to decorate small space, and turn your small living room into the favorite room in the house!

Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces1

Open up the room by allowing in the most light possible. Many times curtains and blinds are hung in a way in which they block essential light into a small room. Just a couple inches covering the window makes a huge difference in the amount of light that reaches the room. Hang all window coverings so when they are open they completely clear the glass. Also make sure no pieces of furniture block light. Decorator’s tip: Make sure you keep the windows sparkling clean.

Decorating Ideas For Small Living Rooms

Seating is probably the most important part, so think carefully about it. How many people will need to be seated at any one time? There’s no point putting in seating for six when normally only three of you will use the room. If you have visitors you can always add chairs from other rooms as necessary. Avoid sofas and chairs with large, thick scroll arms as these take up a great deal of room. Furniture with deep backs and back cushions will need more space, so keep your seating as compact as possible. This doesn’t mean it needs to be hard and uncomfortable. If you have a TV then make sure your seating is placed appropriately. You don’t want to have to twist your neck to view your favorite program! If you have a free corner, then consider using corner seating units.

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Try a monochromatic color scheme in the room. That means using different tints and shades of the same color, and usually adding a neutral such as white. Keeping the eye moving by using variations of the same color makes the room look larger, more open and less cluttered. Add texture to the room to keep it exciting.

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

A small living room still needs to serve the same amount of people – your family and friends. So you want to make sure there are practical areas in the room for everyone who might be using it. Got an empty corner? Add a reading lamp and chair for homework or quiet reading. Instead of having everyone balance their plates on their laps, keep television trays in the closet to bring out when needed, then put away when not in use to save space. Love games? Place pretty baskets underneath your coffee table to keep them handy, yet out of sight.

Living Room Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Storage is an important part when decorating a small living room. Generally the less storage space the better, because storage units use up precious space. But you’ll need some, so use units which are not too deep and so don’t project too far into the room. It may sound a stupid thing to say, but even when decorating a small living room you need to think about the space you leave free. If you fill the room with furniture and odds and ends, it will look cramped. By leaving some free space – even at the cost of a chair or two – you’ll give your room a restful appearance.

Living Room Ideas For Small Apartments

When you have a small living room, there are a lot of things you can do to make the space not only livable, but wonderful! Decorate small spaces with creativity, and you will treasure your small home!

Living Room Ideas Small Spaces

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